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Every presentation is unique

We treat every presentation as individually as our clients themselves.

Working with a range of presentation technologies to suit your needs, our team of experts help our clients optimise their content, messaging and even personal brand.

Every presentation has one thing in common: a purpose. Be it sell something, report something, change something, invest in something, or simply to encourage your audience to do something different. We will help you to define your message, set ‘smart’ presentation objectives and then teach you to deliver an effective presentation that will meet those objectives.


Presentation Messaging

We will challenge you in a way that other agencies or internal resource cannot or will not. We are not afraid to constructively critique your current messaging and presentations. As outsider observers that have worked with hundreds of organisations over the last 20 years, we have a good vantage point from which to recommend what content is relevant and what is just unnecessary padding, obscuring the key messages.

Establishing the underlying message is critical and we would typically hold a messaging workshop. At this workshop we will highlight areas for improvement in your current messaging and leverage proven techniques on how to structure your presentation for maximum audience retention. The tougher the messaging consultancy session, the more compelling the output. Putting the hard yards in at this stage is vital to a successful outcome with content visualisation, design and presentation delivery.


Once we have agreed on the core messages, we can start the creative work of visualisation. This is essentially a case of turning words, data and a narrative into compelling visuals that engage your audience and help them to remember the messaging. We will leverage and adhere to your brand identity when visualising the content, it’s vital that the style of visualisation is consistent with your brand identity, creating consistent communications all your sales and marketing material.

Presentation Design

A presentation can be visually stunning but without clear, concise and compelling messaging it will not be successful.

The way our communications look (design) can have a significant influence, especially during a first interaction. By blending the science of effective presentations with cutting edge design and utilisation of the latest technology, our presentations work exceptionally hard for you to communicate effectively with your audience in a linear or interactive format, promoting engagement and retention. A well-designed presentation is very different from a well-designed advert or brochure!

Show Time

Once the presentation is completed, we can work with you on the all-important delivery. Individuals and organisations spend countless hours working on the messaging and content creation but fail to spend enough time practising the delivery of the presentation. We offer full training and coaching services, so you can feel confident that you know how to get the most from your presentation. See our full list of training services for further details.

The Outcomes

Compelling communications for leaders, sales (including key business development opportunities and bids), workshops, conferences, stakeholder, investor presentations and more. Our presentations are adaptable and don’t always conform to the typical, often cumbersome linear format. Instead, we recognise that you may need a responsive presentation that allows you to seamlessly adapt a presentation to changing requirements, even right in the moment. We introduce such flexibility without compromising the clarity of the message.



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