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PowerPoint Skills Technical

Learn to Create Engaging & Memorable PowerPoint Presentations


Purpose and Objectives

This training goes far beyond the usual Microsoft PowerPoint training available from most organisations. We not only teach you how to use the software – but more important, we teach you how to use it well by creating engaging and memorable presentations. Technical Microsoft PowerPoint training will only take you so far if all you learn is how to make your slides look attractive and on-brand. We will train you how to use PowerPoint to make animated, visual slides that are effective. Our training is not just software training, but a day that will transform how you think about presentations, how you use PowerPoint and any associated Presentation toolkits that we might have created for you.


The course is designed for PowerPoint users who are familiar with the software who are looking to create impressive, engaging & memorable presentations.


One Day, up to 10 delegates per facilitator.

Key Content

To give delegates an advanced understanding of PowerPoint and how to produce more engaging, more memorable and therefore more effective presentations. By the end of the course, you should be able to create effective slides without having to rely on external professional support. If you have purchased the SalesworxsPresentation Toolkit, you will be able to create the most common slides with maximum efficiency.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Understand how to build slides that engage your audience
  • Build engaging Presentations
  • Create visual based slides
  • Advanced animations to control the ‘flow of information’ to your audience
  • Understand the PowerPoint commands and short cuts we use to create slides
  • Advanced visualisation and animations
  • Creating interactive presentations including hyperlinks, menus & rollovers



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