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Christy is a firmly established, well-known British company, credited with inventing the modern towel way back in 1850. The official towel supplier of Wimbledon, they are known for the high quality and luxurious feel of their products. On top of towels, they also produce a wide variety of linens and other bathroom accessories.

Three Challenges


High Quality Visuals

Improve overall level of professionalism towards prospective customers, partners, retailers and resellers. The quality of their presentations needed to reflect their position as a luxury heritage brand. Christy uses spectacular imagery within its retail space and our collateral had to match that.


Seamless Navigation

Anyone who used the presentation required the ability to seamlessly navigate around a series of content options, adjusting their path in line with the specific target audience and situation. It essentially had to act like a website.


Multiple Versions

A wide variety of people were going to be using the presentation so two distinct versions were required. There was a locked down version which could be easily distributed to the account directors and an editable version, ready to be tailored by the senior leadership team.

The Results

A Bespoke Interactive Presentation with Seamless Navigation and Effective Messaging

With this messaging established during our workshop, content was created in a format most suited to communicating those messages, namely, not overloading each slide with text.

We produced two stunning on brand presentations, that can be delivered on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. The intuitive, interactive menu allows the user and audience to quickly navigate to the most relevant content, very similar to that of a well designed website.

Whilst still fully interactive, the first version was locked down and made available to employees who deliver presentations via their laptops, Surface Pros and iPads. The second version was fully editable but with some simplified graphics and menu systems, allowing key members of the senior leadership team to quickly edit content if need be.




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