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Robotics in the Cloud

Transcriptic is a robotic cloud laboratory for the life sciences. Based in California, the company sees the world in terms of devices, wanting to improve efficiency in research by reducing the hands-on experimental time. To do this, Transcriptic has built a platform that will automate the entire workflow for a molecular biology experiment. Such efficiency and clarity needed to be reflected in their PowerPoint presentation.

Three Challenges


Clear Navigation

Transcriptic wanted an interactive and engaging presentation that their audience would easily be able to navigate independently. This had to be done within PowerPoint.


Providing Simplicity

Transcriptic provide a highly complex and technical solution. We needed to make it palatable and easy to digest for a wider audience.


Stunning Aesthetics

Transcriptic is a sophisticated company with excellent branding. The presentation needed to reflect this, as well as being visually impressive.

“Salesworxs have taken our presentation to a whole new level. Its interactive nature helps us to fill the knowledge gap rather than conform to a clunky linear narrative. Furthermore, it delivers our brand and proposition in an accurate and compelling way.”

Yvonne Linney - Transcriptic CEO

The Results

On-brand, easily navigable and visually stunning

We believe that a successful presentation is the result of considered discussion on messaging. As stunning as a presentation may look, it will achieve little if you cannot effectively communicate your proposition. We distilled their offering down into an easily understandable format, emphasising its benefits both visually and textually.

The final presentation is on-brand, easily navigable and visually stunning. We have provided a clear articulation of the cutting-edge service and technology they provide, including its key benefits. The audience can access the most relevant information from a home screen and return when finished. Anyone interested in further detail can now view a live demonstration or short animated video, within the presentation.

Salesworxs also scripted and produced a self explanatory animation with embedded video. This animation was not only embedded into the sales presentation, but was also used at trade shows and conferences to showcase Transcriptics’ capabilities and offering in 81 seconds! Watch the video below:





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