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Launching a ground breaking mobile job search app

Founded by serial entrepreneur Matthew Sanders, Zoek is an app and job search site that uses the latest technology to find candidates the perfect job match. Its smart search engine gives users job search results that are most relevant.

Zoek makes the process of finding a new job vacancy faster, smarter and a whole lot easier for both the candidates and recruitment agencies.

Three Challenges


Differentiate Zoek

In a market overwhelmed with mediocre job boards, what sales messaging and supporting visuals would we use to engage the audience quickly and enable us to differentiate Zoek from the masses!


Visually Engaging

With a start up business comes the challenge of a lack of brand recognition. We needed to be taken seriously with a credible brand identity and design whilst at be aware of the profile for the majority of our target audience.


90 Seconds or Less

Advances in technology and the way we consumer information has resulted in a significant reduction in our ability to focus for long! We therefore needed to ensure we produced an animation that lasted no longer that 90 seconds whilst communicating all the key messages at this stage in the sales process.

"The animation finally gave us the ability to quickly and effectively engage with our prospects. When talking to prospects over the phone we could simply and quickly send an email with a link to the video, the prospect could watch it straight away or at a later date. Either way, it communicated what differentiates our app and why they would be interesting in working with us."

Managing Director

The Results

Concise, compelling and powerful sales messaging through visuals and animation

The final deliverable was a voiceover animation which communicated all the key messages in less that 90 seconds, in fact it was 75 seconds to be precise!

Leveraged by the telesales team as well as field based executives, the animation was a hit with both Zoek staff and prospects alike. Never underestimate the power of video!




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