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Pitch Specific Presentations

Life’s a Pitch – A win ratio of over 80%


Bid Specific Presentations

This service is designed specifically to support our clients that are bidding for large sales. The goal is simple, to maximise the chances of you winning. By fully preparing the bid team and by providing that team with the best bid presentation, it’s no surprise that with a win ratio of over 80%, our clients use this service time and time again.

Service Overview

The nature of such engagements typically happens over a short period of time, around 4-6 weeks from start to finish, although it can be as little as a week! Each engagement involves the following five key stages:

1. Value Proposition Workshop
This initial one-day workshop, led by the messaging consultant, is design to evaluate the competitive landscape, craft the initial thinking around your value proposition, and to propose the structure of the presentation and the potential presenters. We will also investigate the appropriate proof sources to support and evidence your ability to deliver your proposition to the client. The output from this initial workshop is a value proposition report and project plan.

2. Post Workshop Review
Large sales opportunities are notorious for continuously evolving. The client changes the brief, introduces new elements and sometime new people to the bid process. This is our opportunity to see if the landscape has changed since the initial workshop and messaging report, and therefore if we need to make any changes to the value proposition before we begin the design work on the presentation. At this second workshop we will typically present the presentation storyboard to the client.

3. Presentation Production
It’s now time to design the presentation. Our visualisation and design team will create a presentation that’s impressive, engaging and has memorable relevant content. It is not death by PowerPoint!

4. Presentation Review & Edits
We’d love to say we get it right first time ever time, but the reality is that we always need time to make tweaks and changes to the deck. By walking through the designed presentation with the presenters, we can make sure everything is in the best shape possible for the final rehearsals.

5. Bid Team Coaching
This is where all the hard work so far starts to come together. This session involves everyone who will be present at the bid presentation to the client. Although we may fine tune some of the slides, the focus of this final rehearsal (which is typically a full day, two days for more complex bids) is on the delivery of the presentation. It’s about the ability to communicate the proposition as a single, united team, it’s not the time to be worrying about the content. During this session we will also address the following:

  • Introductions & establishing credibility
  • Presentation running order
  • Who sits where and why
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Value proposition delivery
  • Answering difficult questions
  • Your back up plan for the ‘what if’ scenarios

Why Salesworxs?

We have over 20 years’ experience in writing winning value propositions, developing compelling and memorable visual aids to support the communication process, coaching the bid team, and managing the end-to-end process. Having worked on hundreds of bids with contract values totalling in excess of £1billion and a win ration of over 80%, your next bid presentation is in safe hands.

What our clients say

“To be brutally honest, I was sceptical when we first engaged Salesworxs. They were recommended by a senior sales colleague who had used them in a previous business. How could a third-party organisation add any value to our bid in an industry as complex as ours? Once we started the process, it was soon obvious how they added value and what they could do to help us differentiate our proposition in this very crowded and competitive market. Their ability to draw out of the team our proposition, the evidence needed to support why we should be the preferred bidder, as well as the coaching of the bid team, was truly outstanding. We have now used Salesworxs on the last three major bids and have won all three. Commercially, engaging Salesworxs is an easy decision to make.”

Strategic Bid Director – Global Technology Organisation

Where do we offer this service?

Our head office is in the North West of England, only 20 minutes from Manchester Airport. However, our bid team have travelled extensively over the last two decades to support clients in the USA, the UAE, Europe and Australasia. If we can get on a flight to your location, we are always open to a conversation.


We charge a flat fee for this service; the only variant is if we produce a video or motion graphic animation to support the presentation. Significant experience tells us the number of days consulting, design and coaching required to support our clients.

We also offer a ‘fee as risk’ proposition once we have had the opportunity to evaluate the bid. The total cost to the client is higher than our fixed fee proposition to accommodate for the risk we take.

What next?

Do you have a pitch presentation coming up soon? If so, and you’re curious to see how we could help, we would strongly advise you to contact us via email or over the phone to have an initial conversation. First we need to understand if we can help you and if we have the availability to support your bid.







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