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Life’s a pitch!

We appreciate the competitive nature of the space we work in, so we thought it would be helpful to describe some of the reasons why our clients choose to partner with us.


1. Defining Your Value Proposition

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Create Compelling, Concise & Consistent Value Propositions.

A value proposition is a set of clearly defined benefit statements that make your organisation’s products or services appealing to your clients.  The formulation and articulation of your value proposition – the reason why people should work with you, is vital to sales performance, yet undervalued by so many organisations.

One of our key differentiators is our ability to create compelling, concise and consistent value propositions that help you stand out from the competition. You’ll be working with an organisation that has a proven track record in formulating winning value propositions that improve sales performance

What is your value proposition and how does it differentiate you from your competitors? Does it articulate clear business benefits for the individual or organisation you’re targeting?

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2. The Right Impression

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Sales tools that are stunning, captivating & memorable.

In today’s world, creating a good first impression is vital as we are all bombarded by sales and marketing communications vying for our attention. We’ll help you to create that right impression by developing onbrand sales tools that are stunning, captivating & memorable. This is something so few organisations do well.

How will you stand out from the competition? What do your sales tools say about your organisation?


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3. Engaging Communications

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Create stunning and captivating presentations

Evidence shows that your audience’s ability to actively listen and engage in any type of presentation is diminishing. Our attention span is getting shorter and technology is constantly fighting for our attention.

Using our proven methodology, salesworxs create stunning and captivating presentations that will retain the audience’s attention for longer. A captivated audience is more likely to listen to why they should work with you rather than the competition.

We only recall around 10-15% of what we hear so ‘a chat’ with the client isn’t enough. How do you effectively engage your audience? 


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4. Memorable Pitch

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The goal of a sales presentation is almost exclusively to win business.

The goal of a sales presentation is almost exclusively to win business. However, it’s rare that buying decisions are made immediately. Typically, your audience will have to effectively communicate YOUR value proposition to other stakeholders and/or recall your value proposition at a later date. This makes the ability to remember your sales messaging critical.

To create a memorable value proposition, your presentation needs the right structure, to leverage mnemonics such as blocks of information & reputation, and evidence that you can do what you say you’ll do. 

We have a proven methodology for creating memorable sales presentations. What do you do to help with recall?

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5. Improve Sales

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An investment in Sales Performance not a PowerPoint Presentation!

Think about all the time, effort and money you will have spent trying to win or retain a client; your website, social media, marketing campaigns, literature, emails, calls, internal meetings, client meetings and so on. Don’t fail at the final hurdle when you sit in front of or present remotely to the client. 

By defining a winning value proposition, creating the right impression and delivering engaging and memorable presentations, you’ll typically see a return on your investment in weeks, not months or years. By partnering with us you will win more business and we can prove it. Typically you will experience a 25% uplift in ‘generic’ win rates, and a 80% win rate on pitch specific presentations.

This is an investment in sales performance NOT a PowerPoint presentation. We are so confident in our ability to help you win – on some pitch specific presentations we’ll even put our fee at risk.

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