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Repositioning of the Egyptian Cotton Brand


Egyptian Cotton™ is renowned worldwide for its luxurious feel, softness and impressive durability. Genuine Egyptian Cotton™ is authentically grown in Egypt and must be approved by the Cotton Egypt Association (CEA), who manage the brand.

Egyptian Cotton™ has been regarded as one of the world’s finest cotton and have sustained a notably reliable reputation. However, cases of inferior blended cotton being falsely sold as Egyptian Cotton™ has somewhat spoiled its reputation. A stringent new DNA testing method has now been implemented, which farmers and manufacturers must pass before receiving accreditation.

The vision is for Egyptian Cotton to be recognised as the finest and most luxurious cotton in the world.

Three Challenges


Putting the luxury of Egyptian Cotton right at the Heart of the Brand

By taking the softness, warmth, and delicate feel from the cotton, our goal was to sew all the qualities of Egyptian Cotton™ right into the heart of the brand


Dedicated Area to Inform and educate Consumers about the Brand

The Egyptian Cotton™ website has two primary purposes. The first to educate consumers on the benefits of Egyptian Cotton™


Manufacturer Driven for Simple Steps to Apply for Accreditation

The second purpose: to guide farmers and manufacturers through the accreditation process.

The Results

It really boils down to how Egyptian Cotton makes you feel. Be it a towel, bed sheet or dressing gown, you want to how soft, durable, and premium. It truly is like you’re really indulging in something special. So, our goal was to take those sensations and place them right in the heart of the new brand. Alongside the softness of the cotton, we needed photography that could match those expectations. Our chosen style feels natural, comfortable, and calm. After all, it’s how the products make them feel, and not about how they look.
When Egyptian Cotton™ speaks to consumers, it is warm and gentle, but above all, it should be human. The brand should always mention the unique benefits of Egyptian Cotton™ and avoid industry jargon.
The choice of pastel tones reflected in the colour palette expresses a softer tone of voice for the brand. Warm and neutral tones remind the audience of the softness of the brand, while the white quietly reminds them of the purity of Egyptian Cotton™ alongside adding clean, clear space.

By acknowledging the need for a multi-purpose website, we created dedicated areas for each purpose. While consumers can research the heritage of the brand through an animated timeline and find retailers nearby, Industry members have access to all the relevant documents needed to apply for accreditation and have access to those who are already accredited.
To help drive as much traffic to the website as possible, we followed a comprehensive SEO strategy. By conducting keyword research, we were able to understand what audiences were searching for when looking for information on Egyptian Cotton™. With this intelligent information, we were able to create a sitemap that efficiently outlined which pages needed to be created to fulfil the audience needs. We ensured that these pages were optimised in order to be as search engine friendly as possible, making it visible to a greater number of people. A well-designed and written website page should hold the audience’s attention and encourage them to carry out a specific action, which we can then track.

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