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Public Speaking Training

For many people, public speaking can be a terrifying prospect. According to a survey on common phobias, a fear of public speaking was found to be a more pressing concern than death!

The thought of speaking authoritatively on a subject to a large group of people, possibly without aids, is enough to induce panic. So public speaking training is an integral part of many professions and leadership roles and is a challenge that must be overcome. Whether you’re a complete novice or are looking to build on current skills, Salesworxs are here to guide you.


Structuring A Presentation

The key to any public speaking is establishing a well thought-out structure and knowing what you want your audience to do or think at the end. Structure helps curtail rambling, keeps you on subject, within time and helps the audience follow your argument. Your message becomes clearer and has greater impact. Taking time to plan your presentation pays dividends on the day – no more rushing in the last five minutes to ensure you cover all your original points. A simple structure would be as follows:

  • Introduction (establish credibility)
  • Present your arguments (ideally 3 key points)
  • Argument Point 1 and prove with evidence
  • Summarise Point 1 and set up point 2
  • Argument Point 2 and prove with evidence
  • Summarise Point 2 and set up point 3
  • Argument Point 3 and prove with evidence
  • Summarise Point 3 and recap all three points

The use of repetition is one example of many mnemonics we use in public speaking coaching to help your audience remember the information you’re presenting.


Fixing Your Body Language

As much as you might try to hide your nervousness around public speaking, your body language is almost certainly giving it away. Equally, if you are interviewing another individual, your body language could suggest that you feel intimidated or overawed. However, with just a few small adjustments we’ll have you looking relaxed and looking comfortable, without seeming forced.

We can also help you understand the body language and non-verbal cues of the audience. Having this ability is brilliant for being able to judge the reception of your argument, an incredibly useful skill in the world of sales. You’ll be able to tell if and when you lose the audience.


Going Without Aids

A true test of memory, public speaking without notes is an amazing skill. It’s also one that is increasingly in demand thanks to the rise of TedX-style talks and conferences. We’ll teach you some proven memory strategies and techniques that will have you impressing everyone in no time at all.


Delivering A Webinar

In this technologically-advanced age, your public speaking engagement might not happen in a meeting hall or conference room. Instead, you might speak to people on the internet in an event known as a webinar. Typically (but not necessarily) delivered as a streaming video, a webinar allows you to talk to people right across the world at the same time. Whilst the setting might be different, many of the basic principles of effective public speaking remain the same. Salesworxs can show you how to apply what you already know about public speaking to a brand-new medium.


Calming Techniques

It is quite common to feel butterflies in your stomach just before giving a talk, but if nerves turn to anxiety, we would recommend that you seek advice. Over all our years of public speaking, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks for overcoming pre-performance nerves.


The Salesworxs team are more than happy to provide training within your office environment, or alternatively, at a location of your choosing.  Get in touch today and we’ll create a bespoke training session designed to your requirements.



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