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Executive Coaching

Good Executive Coaching is designed to boost your performance and make you more capable, impactful, productive, generally adding more value in strategic thinking and execution.

Typically, when it comes to coaching, training courses or additional support, people will only consider more junior or newer team members. Think again. No matter how high up the ladder you climb, there is always room for improvement. Even your ‘A players’ in a company can learn a lot from a period of self-reflection. If it helps, think of our coaching as personal development rather than correction!

It might be bit of a cliché, but the aim of Executive Coaching is for you to realise your full potential. Individuals will all seek Executive Coaching for their own highly personal reasons, whether it be to manage a period of stress or prepare for an upcoming role. People tend to find our coaching particularly useful whenever they or the wider company are moving through a period of change, such as when a new high level team member comes on board. Change tends to breed both challenges and opportunities but that’s no reason to shy away.


The Salesworxs Approach To Executive Coaching

At its heart, our Executive Coaching focuses on identifying and building upon your strengths with the future in mind. It’s not looking back. Salesworxs will work with you to craft realistic goals and objectives for both yourself and the wider team. We will ensure that they make sense within your business context whilst remaining engaging and motivating.

In the highest tiers of a company, strong relationships are vital. Relationships with colleagues, clients and suppliers all hold considerable weight. During our sessions, we will examine each relationship in turn to pinpoint where communication can be improved, where you might be more empathetic, where you could be more confident and push harder, and so on. These discussions are crucial for creating more pragmatic and relevant goals that make sense for you.

All our Executive Coaching sessions are totally confidential. You need a private space to think through, state and test your ideas without fear of judgment or scrutiny. It’s our job to ask probing questions and challenge your assumptions, encouraging you to think about a situation from all possible angles.

Everything we do is closely tailored to your unique circumstances, needs and desired outcome. Prior to the session, we will take the time to research and understand you and your organisation. This helps us to fully contextualise your goals and concerns. Getting to know you personally is also key. It is not our aim or intention to mould you into somebody you are not. You’re at the top of your game for a reason and we will be sympathetic to your personal style of leadership and working.


Our Executive Coaching Course

At Salesworxs, we adapt to every client. This means that we can work one-on-one or in small groups in a one-off event or across multiple sessions. Obviously, the more time we spend with you, the deeper we’ll be able to dig and the bigger difference we can make. Our team has a wealth of high level corporate experience behind them and so can empathise with your position.

Ultimately, our executive coaching should result in better decision-making, more effective leadership and more harmonious and productive working relationships. From a business perspective, those executives who receive coaching tend to become more committed to the vision of the company and can more clearly see and articulate their place within it.

All our coaching is classroom based so we can meet wherever best suits you, whether that’s in the office or not.

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