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Simplifying the sales message in an increasingly complex energy sector

The energy sector in the UK is undergoing a profound transformation.


The simultaneous challenges of decarbonisation, decentralisation, and digitalisation create an environment incomparable to what has been before.

The sector’s ever-increasing complexity is driven by consumer preferences and buyer behaviours. With an influx of new entrants into the industry, the number of suppliers has increased significantly, and the supply base has become far more disparate.

Legislative pressures and the evolution of new technologies have only exaggerated and increased the pace of the process.

So how does a supplier address the challenge of gaining a competitive advantage in a highly competitive, changing and complicated space?

Complexity in the energy sector

The energy sector is moving from a stable and regulated position with a relatively low number of suppliers to a scenario where technology and connectivity interact to drive consolidated solutions. In addition, the drive to achieve climate change targets only adds to the complexity of the sector.

When a sector experiences such a dramatic change in such a short time, the self-awareness and agility required to keep a clear picture of who and what it is, can really challenge a business. 

The carbon neutrality by 2050 commitment has recently prompted Rishi Sunak to introduce additional legislation around reporting on energy usage and carbon emissions. This follows the introduction of a number of taxes and incentives to promote energy and emission reduction.

As a result, there has been a wave of pressure from consumers and investors to improve energy efficiency, reduce emissions and become more sustainable.

The transition for suppliers in the energy sector from the traditional “buy it cheap” to the new “use it less” model has happened relatively quickly and presented real challenges for suppliers competing in this sector. The sales proposition is also completely different, changing from a price point offering to a consultative, benefits lead solution.

The most sustainable energy is now the energy that you don’t use!

An influx of new entrants into the sector has made competition fierce and blurred the lines of who the players are. With some larger businesses establishing their own sustainability organisations, it can be difficult for traditional providers to determine whether potential customers could actually be competitors.

New technology and data are also key drivers in the sector and are forcing suppliers in the industry to continually re-evaluate their service offering and capability. In many cases, suppliers are broadening their proposition from a one product/service supplier to a consultative managed service partner solution.

All of which is turning the sector on its head, creating a complex, interlaced matrix of businesses, legislation and technology.

Simplifying the sales message in an increasingly complex energy sector

The sales challenges presented in a complex sector

The challenge for suppliers in the energy sector is how or where to position themselves.

The trend seems to be to move away from the heritage energy space, where price is king, to a far more sustainability space, with a consultative, benefits driven solution.

When an industry experiences rapid change and complexity, more often than not, the quality of the sales message becomes diluted, distorted and inconsistent. Businesses fall into the trap of over-complicating the pitch in the interests of trying to cover all aspects. The ambiguity creates disconnects between c-suite and the coalface salesperson, resulting in confused and ineffective messages, often to the wrong audience or buyer.

The pressure for sustainability from investors and consumers has transferred to the boardroom. Sustainability strategies have been thrust to the forefront of business agendas and buying energy at the lowest possible price is no longer the buyers’ objective.

The demand for real-time data and reporting is further highlighted by the legislation supporting carbon neutrality. The emergence of new entrants and new technology is only serving to change the energy landscape further.

All of which are promoting shifts in the way buyers behave when making purchasing decisions. 

The added complexity in the industry, overwhelming volumes of data and an extended decision-making process are contributing to making the buying journey in the energy sector more difficult.



Is simplicity the solution?

With an ever-more complex industry driven by rapidly evolving technology and changing consumer demands should businesses in the energy sector be looking to simplify?

Energy suppliers can be forgiven for finding themselves in a position where the quality of their client-facing pitch has become ambiguous and over-complicated with inconsistent messaging targeted at the wrong audience.

With an appetite for sustainable solutions, customers will lean towards suppliers who can demonstrate a sympathetic understanding of their needs and provide an open, connected and benefits-lead proposition.

Inclusive and simple messaging that is consistently and concisely delivered will undoubtedly be better suited to meeting today’s buyer’s demands in the energy sector.



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