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Succession Planning

Succession planning helps you to focus on critical leadership positions for the future of your business. Salesworxs focus exclusively on sales and marketing leadership planning.


One of the greater risks within your company is the unexpected departure of your senior, most successful, knowledgeable and more experienced employees. Without forward planning, you could be suddenly left looking for current employees or new people to fill important positions, often without the necessary time to ensure a smooth transition.

Plan for the future

A well-crafted succession plan will help your company identify and plan for potential changes with senior roles that can, and will, significantly affect the how your organisation performs.

A Salesworxs succession plan will gather, first hand, accurate information from your employees and business to understand how a succession plan can ensure business stability when senior people leave, often lured by head hunters into other organisations. We work with you and your team to gather all the relevant information needed to know what it takes to be successful in a leadership role. We then use this valuable information to assess the current talent right across your organisation.

Planned Retirement

By working closely with your people to understand planned retirements in senior roles, we will create a detailed plan that works for both the employees and the business. Once we have established a plan, we can look at how best you can utilise the departing individuals in their final periods with your organisation.  It is obvious that senior staff will hold the skills, knowledge and experience that you will want to pass onto to their successors.  We will help you create a strategy that will guide employees to regularly train successors, giving them the opportunity to experience the role before full-time commitment.

While there may be talent within the company that suitably fits the role you are planning for, there is always a risk that they may not be interested in that position. Salesworxs will look at all opportunities within the business and help you decide which employees should be considered for which roles.

Continuous Improvements

It is important to recognise that a Succession Plan is never final, you will be encouraged to continue to improve this over time to adapt to your changing business and employee needs. Salesworxs will work alongside you to understand how often you should review the plan and what changes you should and shouldn’t make. Our Succession Plans will ensure that sudden events within the team are already planned for, and you are not taken by surprise.

What does your plan look like?

Succession plans are one of the most important documents you can hold as a business, they provide clear guidelines on how the business can successfully adapt to changes in the next 3-5 years. If you are interested in creating or revising an existing succession plan for your business, get in touch now to talk to one of our consultants.



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