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Sales Training Courses

Unless you have a completely unique product or service, consistent effective sales is about defining and following an agreed process. It is this process that will determine how you approach the market and develop your future sales and marketing strategy. Additionally, it will highlight which information you would like to share with prospects, depending on which stage they are at on the buyer’s journey. Our sales training courses will help you establish this crucial process.

We can work with both organisations and individuals to better define, build and follow a proven formula for driving sales performance success. As part of our sales training courses we will consider sales strategy, sales process and sales performance coaching.

One of the biggest frustrations most organisations face, in respect to their sales teams, is the lack of predictability within sales performance. The vast majority of sales teams struggle to accurately predict their own individual sales performance for the coming months or year, and subsequently the wider team’s. Sales Directors and Managers are always asking: How do we motivate the sales team to perform more effectively and predictably?

Our Sales Training Courses

Each sales training course is comprised of several modules which are fundamentally designed to improve overall sales performance. We leverage our own tried and tested approach and intellectual property to guide you through each element. The sales training courses should be accessible to everyone, irrespective of their current ability and knowledge. This is necessary to ensure that the entire team can easily get on board and contribute their own ideas and experiences.

All of our coaching is classroom based as we believe there is no real substitute for face to face communication in the sales environment. Location wise, we are more than willing to be flexible. We run the majority of our programmes in house, specifically for each client, as this helps us to make more pointed observations and recommendations. However, we do also run more general sales training courses across the UK. For more information about upcoming programmes in your areas, please get in touch today.

The Salesworxs Team

Our team is comprised of industry experts who all have significant experience in sales performance training. This experience spans across all sectors and sizes of organisation, ideally placing us to make our own suggestions. With an 80%+ win ratio on pitch specific support services our methodologies are proven to drive sales performance. We have trained thousands of sales professionals and together they have given us a 98% recommendation rate.

Depending on your requirements, we may create a bespoke programme that perfectly suits your needs and challenges. For example, we have recently produced a bespoke sales training course for a leading global firm. Typically, during this course we will support the client in defining their sales process, value proposition, sales tools and account management. Alternatively, we will point you towards one of our standard offerings. These include the following courses: Professional Selling Skills, Sales Leadership, Presentation Masterclass and Networking.



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