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Sales Team Assessment

Any sales team is only as good as the sum of its parts


One weak link could be hampering the best efforts of everybody else. This is not to say, however, that any struggling individuals should be let go. Instead, a well-structured and comprehensive sales team assessment should highlight exactly where their strengths and weaknesses lie, allowing you to provide more targeted and useful support. The aim of any sales team assessment is to give you the information needed to develop your sales team and enable them to meet or achieve sales targets.

With years of sales, sales management and coaching experience under our belt, Salesworxs are perfectly placed to conduct a thorough sales team assessment on your behalf and then present our recommendations. We can then provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to carry out your own planned assessments in future.


No sales team assessment is going to be accurate and meaningful if the assessor isn’t confident in their knowledge. Salesworxs will leverage the latest assessment theory and techniques, from how to scientifically analyse results to identifying skills and knowledge gaps within your team. We’ll evaluate the ability, attitude, personality and motivations of each team member and make conclusions about their effectiveness and efficiency. Having trained thousands of sales professionals, who have given us a 98% recommendation rate, we know what works.

Setting the Benchmark

Defining the benchmark against which you will measure sales team performance is vital for the success of any fair and consistent sales team assessment. We can take an objective view based on your current, projected and aspirational performance and recommend where this benchmark should be set.  Furthermore, we can advise you on how this benchmark is communicated back to the wider team so that everyone is clearly aware of your expectations. In addition, these benchmarks can be used to judge the quality of potential sales team members.


Increasingly, businesses are introducing feedback to their employee appraisal feedback. We welcome this move and have incorporated this method into our own sales team assessment process. Simply put, feedback is when other employees are invited to give their own opinions about an individual. The scheme works best if feedback comes from a range of sources, including the individual’s direct peers and more senior employees. Some companies may anonymise the feedback.

We believe that feedback is crucial for managers, as team members will all interact with an individual in different ways and are likely to have varying experiences of the individual. They also may work with the individual more regularly than the manager. Remember, the more information you have about a person, the more informed your assessment and any subsequent decision will be.

Salesworxs will work with you to write a bespoke feedback survey that asks the questions that you want answering. By using questions relevant to your sales team and company, you will able to create more targeted action and goals.

What Next?

As is often the case in sales, we are at our best face-to-face. To produce the most accurate sales team assessment, we prefer to observe the team in their everyday work environment. This helps us to create a truly bespoke report and recommendations for your company. Alternatively, we can conduct any sales team assessment outside of the office in a setting of your choosing.

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