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Executive Search

Our credentials are international in scope and span a wide range of industries


The team has a shared experience of holding senior executive and board level roles at top tier businesses and consultancies. Through first hand experience, we know that selecting a candidate is more than just aligning their experience to the position. We need to match their mindset and vision to your company culture and values, as well as knowing exactly who is going to step up to the challenge.

The candidate must be an excellent fit for the organisation but the organisation must also meet the expectations and aspirations of the candidate. Try and align the wrong individual with the wrong business and without a doubt, the shared finances and more importantly, reputations, of both parties will suffer. A disconnect between the two ultimately means failings by those accountable to the hiring process. We will thoroughly consider their expectations around salary, career progression, work arrangements and bonuses.

Salesworxs bring together our unique position as business leaders, senior sales and senior marketing professionals and combine it with data driven analytics and social science. We will consider factors such as your diversity goals, the source of excellent recent hires, personality traits and characteristics of your top-performing employees. Our advanced analytics tools can analyse the candidate’s CV and supporting documentation, identifying any warning signs or patterns.

Our Sales and Marketing Recruitment Process


Our industry networks are only the starting point in our process. We leverage them to your advantage to connect with credible candidates who may remain unidentified by the traditional tools and methods employed by your own internal sourcing team or search agencies. We’re not content with just trawling through LinkedIn. We think seriously about your ideal candidate and then actively seek out individuals who we believe fit that profile.

Once we have identified a shortlist of candidates, our tools will quantify suitability through scientifically recognised mechanisms. This ensures that only those individuals with the appropriate skills, experience and values make it to your desk for consideration.

Salesworxs manage the complexities of the initial brief, candidate identification, assessment and onboarding. We also mitigate the risks associated with hiring through our tried and tested methods which are customised to your campaign.

The relationship we have with you goes beyond simply delivering the right candidate. The success of your business will define the true success of our recommendations. It’s in both our interests to find the perfect employee.

Supporting You Through The Next Steps


Leveraging the knowledge of your organisation that we have built through the hiring process; of culture, team and values, we then implement our Salesworxs coaching plan. This detailed roadmap is specifically designed to support the chosen candidate’s integration and maximise the effectiveness of their first 90 days. It’s about providing them with the necessary support whilst minimising the time taken for them to add real value to you.

Ultimately, that is the reason you hired them.



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