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Market Insight Mapping

Protect your business and people by having a greater understanding of the risks and threats that surround your business, as well as knowing where to find and how to attract talent.

What is Marketing Insight Mapping?

Market Insight Mapping analyses the current ‘people market’, often with competitor organisations, giving you a better understanding of spread of talent that exist within your business arena. Market Insight Mapping is an essential part of best practise Executive Search but should also be considered as a vital exercise in its own right. All too often Market Mapping during a Search for a new hire is too late and puts organisations on the back foot.

Find & hire the best talent

Are you more or less appealing than your competitors or other business in your sector? Having a better understanding of the talent in your market will give you better insights in how to attract top talent, and to understand what incentives can help encourage that talent to take an interest in your organisation.

A better understanding of the ‘people market’ will help you to find and hire the very best talent, as well as understand how your brand is perceived and what needs to be done to improve your employee brand proposition.

One step ahead

Salesworxs will help you to understand the market and ensure that when you need to hire, you’re “ahead of the game”.

Hiring a candidate who is not suitable can stem from poor preparation and desperation to fill a vacancy. Market Insight Mapping allows you to know what talent is already there, where they are located, remuneration levels and how best to attract them to your organisation.

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