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Leadership Team Assessment

Why Leadership Assessment?


Leadership assessment is used to help business leaders and managers identify opportunities for growth and ultimately become more effective in their role. The Salesworxs assessment intervention will, amongst other benefits, help with decision making on where to invest in learning and development, provide invaluable insights on the strength of your leadership team, succession planning, hiring decisions, job satisfaction, greater self-awareness, enhanced employer brand and stronger alignment of your people.



Salesworxs will work with you to ensure that your leadership team assessment is tailored specifically to your organisation, by delivering feedback from executives that the person reports into, as well as those that work for the individual. We will work with you to write a bespoke feedback survey that asks the questions that you want answering, as well as those proven time and time again to provide valuable insights.

What Next?


To produce the most accurate and effective team assessment, we prefer to meet face-to-face to discuss your objectives and to observe the team in their working environment.  This helps us to create a bespoke programme for your organisation.

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