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Sales Leadership Training

For a sales team to consistently deliver a high performance it needs high-quality and effective leadership. Our sales leadership training courses empower individuals to confidently make decisions, provide direction, devise strategy, and ultimately deliver the required results. Armed with these tools, managers and directors can galvanise and direct their wider sales teams. We’re here to show you how to achieve perfect execution.

Investing in sales leadership training is the best action you can take for a plateauing or struggling sales team. A sales leader acts as a role model for the wider team and typically has the greatest impact on the feel of the work environment. With the correct attitude and approach, you can maximise the potential of the entire team as well as your own productivity. We’ll help you discover your preferred leadership style and consider how to utilise your strengths.

Knowing Your Team Members

One of the most crucial qualities of a successful sales leader is knowing your team inside and out. You need to know their strengths and weaknesses and manage them accordingly. We will get you to think critically about each individual and decide how to provide them with actionable feedback.

Taking time to understand how each team member thinks and operates will help you to get the best out of them. Sales leadership training will teach you a range of motivational and leadership techniques that can be applied to various team members. A well-motivated team performs better and go to further lengths to secure a sales win, ultimately leading to an increase in revenue.

Measuring Performance

Ultimately, sales is all about hitting or exceeding targets and bringing in revenue. You can’t be a successful sales leader without knowing exactly how each individual is performing and what that means for the team as a whole. To do this you need to effectively utilise key performance indicators (KPIs). On our sales leadership training course, we will explain how to define and introduce realistic KPIs that will encourage the right behaviours and challenge your team without exceeding their ability.

Unfortunately, not every employee hits their sales target every time. We will give you the tools to diagnose any performance issues, and put processes in place to support that individual.  An effective and inspirational leader is one who can organise everyone to pull together in the same direction, confident in their role.

Improving Communication

Exceptional sales leadership relies on exceptional communication skills. We’ll show you how to effectively manage conversations with both clients and employees, and conduct meetings in an efficient and productive manner. Your conversations will result in actionable outcomes with responsibility clearly assigned.

Our Sales Leadership Training

Salesworxs’ sales leadership training is based on a proven approach that has generated demonstrable results. Our modules use a mixture of theory, discussion and practical exercises, all within a classroom-based environment. No previous knowledge or ability level is required, just a willingness to critically examine your current practices and proactively work to find feasible solutions.

All our sales leadership training can be conducted in-house. This allows us to focus on the specific challenges and targets that your sales team face, and provide you with tailor-made advice and recommendations. The more you can contribute about your own experience as a sales leader, the more fruitful our discussions will be. Together, we can build concrete solutions and empower you to take the lead.

Alternatively, we do offer more generalised sale leadership training courses right across the UK. To learn more about this option, please get in touch today.



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