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Driving Sales Performance: Choices, Attention, Habits, and Actions

Sales people can spend up to 70% of their working day on activities that do not contribute to essential priorities of their job, selling!

Personal Productivity

We are all consumed by having too much to do, in too little time. The problem is not about time (you can’t manage time!) but the choices we make, attention, habits, and actions.

It is hardly surprising that 59% of people burn out their brains and bodies because our lives are not our own—we have no time for building up our own productive capacity.

Managing workload successfully isn’t about working harder but working smarter. Looking at tasks that impact productivity and well-being will help you understand your working self.

It’s all in the planning

Planning tasks effectively and efficiently can significantly reduce the wasted time within a working day, and you become more productive on tasks that really matter.  Many people work and live by default, rather than focusing on what tasks have the biggest impact on their priorities.

What are your priorities? What are you weekly big 3? What are your daily big 3 that will contribute to achieving your weekly big 3? Have you prioritised these over other tasks?

Energy drivers

Personal evaluation on your ‘5 energy drivers’ (exercise, diet, sleep, relaxation, connecting) will show where the weaknesses lie in your routine. Making an investment into your 5 energy drivers will help create a pattern that fuels your fire while preventing a burn-out. Do you get enough sleep, are you fuelling your body and brain properly, do you spend enough time relaxing or connecting with family and friends? All are essential to optimise your personal productivity at work and if you’re a sales person, to drive your sales performance to the next level.

Your ideal week

This is a great tool that we shamelessly leveraged from Michael Hyatt. It’s almost identical to financial planning except you focus on how you spend your time not your money. The concept is simple, work out your activities / tasks that contribute to your goals and ensure they are scheduled into your diary. For more info visit Michael’s blog page.


Being willing to look at how you control your workload, you develop a way of putting all that is learnt into practice.  You should be willing to set goals and tasks that are relevant and fit into your schedule. Sharing your goals with others gives you accountability, and suddenly the goal has a greater chance of succeeding.


To find out more about our Personal Productivity training programme, Contact Us today. We offer learning solutions that teach you how to leverage technology and fend off distractions by optimising platforms to boost your personal productivity.

Driving Sales Performance: Choices, Attention, Habits, and Actions
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